It's Time
To revolutionize the Agriculture Industry
To Achieve Global Food Security
To build a sustainable agriculture
To create a more resilient food system

How to feed the world? How to grow enough food for everyone on the planet? How to create a more sustainable agriculture?

These are the questions we’re answering here at Neurafarm. Join our journey to empower farmer and business to produce more, reach more, and distribute better.

Better for the Planet
As we rely on industrial agricultural commodities such as palm, soy, and industrial produced meat and dairy, we are losing forests and accelerating a climate and ecological emergency. Increasing productiviy per m2 will halt deforestration, and better use of resources.
Better for People
Healthier, tastier produce and food benefit everyone, and Dokter Tania makes it possible.
Better for Food Growers
By democratizing technology and knowledge, we would help food growers improve productivity while using less resources including land area and chemical. Hence, reducing risks, costs, and improving overall yield.
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