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Your plants look unhealthy? it won’t grow properly? or you just want to start farming? Ask Dokter Tania and increase your harvest now.

Whether you are a hobbyst, a farmer, or a gardener, Tania will help you grow your plants.

More comprehensive and more accurate

Identify plant disease & pest with just a photo. Reduce risk of crops failure and increase your harvest

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Got a problem on your field? Ask our agronomist wherever and whenever.

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Learn how to cultivate dozens of commodities and manage hundreds of plant disease and pests. Be a super farmer.

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Calculate the use of fertilizer for your land. Make it more efficient and accurate. Reduce your expenses and get more profit.
Helping Farmers To Cope With Plant Disease

Up to 40% of global yield is lost due to pest & plant disease annually, or equal to $220 billion. It’s a threat for global food security and an economic burden for farmers around the world.

Dokter Tania helps farmers to identify and manage disease, connect with experts, and access to bank of knowledge about cultivation and best practices in Agriculture so that they can be more productive and reduce risks.

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